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Our model of Medicaid approved doctors provide takes your total health into consideration. A short list of medical services we provide:

  • Annual Physicals
  • Prescriptions
  • Immunizations
  • Nutrition and weight loss advice
  • Diabetes and other chronic disease
  • Preventative care and planning

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It’s often helpful to discuss the various parts of Medicare to better understand your options, costs, and benefits. Read more >

Understanding your Medicare options

One of the largest mistakes people can make when enrolling in Medicare is not entirely understanding enrollment periods. Read more >

Mistakes to Avoid During Medicare Enrollment

The most important part of shopping for Medicare insurance is understanding each of the options made available to you. Read more > 

How to Shop for Medicare Insurance

Medicaid can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s often helpful to discuss the various elements of Medicaid to better understand your options, costs, and benefits. Doing so can assist you in making a more informative decision about your Medicaid options available to you. We can help navigate your Medicaid benefits.

Our focus of preventative care means we go above and beyond to make sure you stay healthy and out of the hospital. That means we handle everything from medical, social, and even behavioral health in a safe and clean doctors office environment. Our primary care model connects patients to the right programs and resources for them. Making sure no one falls through the cracks. Our doctors are well-versed in internal medicinegeriatric medicine, and even family medicine. With Internists and Geriatricians on staff to assist those specific needs.

Our Medicaid Approved doctors treat the whole person.

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As you get older, primary care has never been more important. Let's talk about how our primary care doctors specialize in the needs of people on Medicaid and can better care for you.

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